about me and this blog.

this is my attempt to spare my real and facebook friends from all of my admittedly somewhat odd and occasionally non-conformist rants on being a single woman in my 30’s, dating options, life, bad drivers and other manic dances.

the name of this blog is based partially on my name (tara), a fascination with spiders, and the condition of tarantism, which may possibly mirror my reasonably manic relationship with this blog….

tarantism according to the good community of wikipedia:

“an alleged, possibly deadly envenomation, popularly believed to result from the bite of a kind of wolf spider called a “tarantula” (Lycosa tarentula). (These spiders are different from the broad class of spiders called “Tarantulas”.) The condition was common in southern Italy during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. There were strong suggestions that there is no organic cause for the heightened excitability and restlessness that gripped the victims.”




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