who needs a marriage certificate when you’ve got facebook?

31 05 2008

How is facebook going to change relationships in the next millennium? When you sign up, you get choices… single, in a relationship, married and ‘it’s complicated’ – which is probably the best choice for any of the aforementioned options. Or at least the most realistic.

Of course, when your friends hook up – or break up, you get a nice little news feed to let you know what’s going on. Convenient, for those of us who want to keep tabs on the singleness of our friends, or the friends we’re secretly facebook-stalking.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a facebook addict too, but I wonder how relationships will look in the facebook friendly future. It seems just a simple post to facebook confirms marriage vows:

{ you } and { I } said their vows and made it clear on Facebook. They’re married.

That’s simpler than a visit to city hall and getting a marriage certificate, and sounds so official. Just let everyone on facebook know… Is that the way of the future? If a tree falls in the forest and nobody’s listening did it really fall? Are you really married if you didn’t announce it on facebook? Where does reality end and facebook begin?

And there’s the people whose boy/girl/man/woman friend gets their knickers in a knot because s/he didn’t change his/her status to ‘in a relationship’ fast enough. In the often intricate dance we do as part of dating rituals, we skip precariously through the steps when we move from casual dating into a ‘relationship’. Will facebook complicate this delicate dance? Will relationships break from stress placed on them by a too slow or too quick relationship status update?

And the break up. It used to be much simpler to keep those details under wraps. Call a few girlfriends and go out and drown the sorrows with a few cosmopolitans. Now all friends are instantly aware of your updates. As a single woman, I am relationship status free. That way, hopefully I can keep any messy future breakups out of the facebook news feeds.